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This is me 


Your relationship with your photographer is so meaningful. I know it can be hard to find a photographer that you feel "fits" you and your values! If you need someone honest, authentic, values innovation, values strong connections, that can be goofy with you, cry with your family when you walk down the aisle, someone to have your back to make your day run as smoothly as possible... I am your girl! 

I'm Haley Smith with Foxtail Photography. I'm an over-the-top optimistic, goofy dancer, passion chaser from Michigan. I am based in South Central Kentucky, serving as far as the eye can see and then some. My editing style gives romantic, adventurous vibes with a dash of vintage. My passion is to capture your love as authentically as I can. I focus on creating an honest space for you and your partner to love on one another, laugh, cry, and enjoy your experience no matter where we are.  

Let's write a love story. 


A few bullet points about me

» I'm a lover of anything flavored peach. Peach rings, peach tea, peach moonshine...

» My personality type is an ENFJ-A (read more here)

» I'm in graduate school to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor 

» I am married to an amazing man - Jason 

» I deliver punchlines to jokes way to early and very wrong 

» I worked as a backpacking guide and outdoor program coordinator for many years

» I am a side sleeper; I favor my right side the most 

» I dye my hair often, so you could say I enjoy a little bit of change 

» I am an okayish plant mom and a badass dog mom 


we might be a good fit if.....

» You enjoy the adventure of your love story

» You enjoy challenging inclines to see breathtaking views

» You enjoy chasing sunsets but like sleeping in during sunrises 

» You don't mind losing cell phone service for a few hours 

» You enjoy a little creamer with your coffee 

» You believe in investing in yourself 

» The little things in life is what is worth it