by Foxtail

My philosophy on the human body is more than just a body for others to look at - our bodies move with use, our bodies serve us, our bodies keep us alive. As women, we take enormous pain to our bodies, from growing hips to fluxing weight because of hormones to birthing children. Yet, we still move on day by day. For that, our bodies should be celebrated.

We should celebrate our stretch marks, the scars we got when we were too young to understand pain, the wrinkles we've acquired from gaining wisdom over the years! All of it. Every inch of our skin needs to be celebrated. 

Join me on this journey of self-love and affirmation. 

Investments starting at $350.00

Experince it...

» For your self-love journey 

» For all the times you told yourself you weren't worthy 

» For the days when you need the extra courage 

» For the confidence, you will gain after this experience 

» Because you want to! 

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide RAW files?

Un-edited images will not be delivered to clients under any circumstance. Part of hiring me includes my editing style, so no raw images will be provided to clients.

Can you photoshop my body?

Short answer; Nope. Let me explain!
I will edit your skin, photoshop out blemishes, bruises, scarring, dark circles, etc. I will not synch your waist, or photoshop your body. I rely on strategic posing and angles to hide problem areas.

My job is to show you your beauty, just the way you are. I am here to help you fall back in love with yourself and your body.

Do you have a client closet?

Sadly I do not! Your wardrobe is 100% on you.

Will you show me how to pose?

YESS! I will pose you from head to toe duirng your session.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Of course! I allow one friend - absolutely no husbands, boyfriends, or partners (unless it's a couples boudoir).

When will I get my photos?

Between 2 and 3 weeks! Boudoir photos need more attention than my regular session. Because of my pricing and packages, I do not provide sneak peeks.

Do you provide prints and albums?

100% YES, I DO! When your online gallery is delivered full of striking images, a high-quality print shop is integrated with your gallery. You are given the most flexible options to print 4X6's, framed prints, canvas, and stunning flat lay books! These prints will be the highest quality prints you can receive anywhere. Your photos aren't meant to stay digital forever; show off your fantastic experince with beautiful prints! Albums start at ~$100.00 and go up.

Will you share my photos on your Instagram?

Not unless you give me permission. I have four tiers to my model release that you get to sing AFTER you have seen your gallery. One is that you do not give me permission to share any of your images.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

At this time - no I do not. Please come hair and make up ready! You are more than welcome to coordinate your own hair and makeup to happen before your scheduled session time. Hair and make up cannot be scheduled to be done at/inside my in-home studio.