what I offer, and how we create together

I want the memories we capture together to be authentic and real. I want these memories to show genuine love and not just instant gratification. I want you to be enriched in gratitude each time you glance at your photos - not because they're beautiful - but because the souls in the photos bring purpose to your life. I want a photo session with us to feel like a getaway, an hour or two for you to focus on your love for your partner and yourself. A few moments to get gut-wrenching laughter and soulful, tender love. We often miss out on these moments because of our daily worries - during a session with you - all you have to worry about is loving yourself and your partner. I'll take care of the rest. ⁠

Whether you hire me for your wedding or a lifestyle session, I am your personal phone holder, text checker, location guru, first aid momma, average weather guy, parking master (this is for the folks like me with anxiety over the parking situation), joke master. I do more than snap a few photos and putting them online. Together we will create such a meaningful story around your love. I will help guide you and be your sounding board for any session with me. 

My approach... it's a little different

Photo sessions with Haley aren't stiff prom poses or preplanned. During a session, we'll chase the sunset together, we'll laugh over awkward hands not know where to go, we'll create memories that will live with you forever. 

It's okay to feel nervous about a photo session or even wanting to book a session! Trust me - I was the person who dreaded being in front of a camera. I started viewing photos as a memory and not so much a beauty competition. When you are in front of my camera, you won't even know it. I pride myself on making all my clients feel at home and at ease with each shutter click.  

Frequently asked questions

Do you travel?

Um yes! I love traveling, exploring, and creating new stories with my clients when we get to travel. I only take a few trips a year to make sure I am still having quality time with my husband and not missing out on too much of my doggies' lives.

Do you provide RAW files?

Un-edited images will not be delivered to clients under any circumstance. Part of hiring me includes my editing style, so no raw images will be provided to clients.

What do travel fees cover?

If your wedding, elopement, or lifestyle session is not local to Bowling Green, KY, travel expenses include my roundtrip flight, hotel stay for at least two nights, and a rental car for transportation. Most travel fees are covered in adventure elopements in the lower 50 states.

Do you offer prints and albums?

100% YES, I DO! When your online gallery is delivered full of striking images, a high-quality print shop is integrated with your gallery. You are given the most flexible options to print 4X6's, framed prints, canvas, and stunning flat lay books! These prints will be the highest quality prints you can receive anywhere. Your photos aren't meant to stay digital forever; show off your fantastic experince with beautiful prints!

What is your turn around time?

Turn around time can depend on the time of year and the number of sessions I have. I know how exciting new photos are, and I try to push out your gallery as soon as I can! Lifestyle sessions take 1-2 weeks, whereas weddings and elopements can take 4-6 weeks. I always send a sneak peek for my couples within 72 hours of your session.

Do you offer discounts?

Nope! My pricing is determined based on what I need to run this business, pay taxes, upgrade equipment, invest in continued education, contribute to savings, and live off for my family. There's so much that goes into being a photographer, and I hope you know that I understand it's an investment. I do not negotiate prices with clients. However, I can create a payment plan for you.

Do we really need an engagement session?

10/10 YES! Here is why and I hope I can convince you! Your engagement session will help us get to know one another better, help you become more comfortable in front of my camera, and give you some fantastic images to use leading up to the wedding and after!

Do you require a retainer?

Yes! I require a 50% non-refundable retainer to officially book any event, along with a signed contract within 24 hours.

Do you supply any props for photo sessions?

Unfortunately, I do not. If you want props for your photo session, they are 100% on you. The only time I supply props is if I plan a styled session, which I host about once a year. There are some props I like to stay away from, such as balloons and confetti. Ballons are super hard to keep still enough in photos to get a good frame. Confetti is super cute and creative - please make sure it is bio-degradable if you wish to use it. Feel free to run any prop ideas by me when you're getting ready to book.


Foxtail Photography

I'm Haley, a Kentucky based photographer. I believe love is the most incredible adventure, and I'm here to capture it for you. I travel the globe to capture the authentic, emotional, and human connection, and I want to document your love story. I am serving South Central Kentucky and couples worldwide. 

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